Praise & Reviews

“Fascinating. Beautifully written. Deeply researched. With sensitivity and respect, Wendy Call has written about the modernization of a centuries-old community. It’s a story happening everywhere, including our own backyard. This is a book written with humility, bravery, and wisdom, and honors those who trusted the writer with their incredible stories.”
Sandra Cisneros

“A terrific read. Wendy Call has reported passionately and written sensitively about the people of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec—one of Mexico’s great cultural repositories—at a crossroads in their history. That there are no easy answers to the dilemmas of modernity and cultural authenticity is the painful conclusion she draws us to, in one engaging episode after another.”
Alma Guillermoprieto

“Wendy Call has a big, pertinent story to tell—globalization—and she does a marvelous job of bringing it to life. On every level, the work succeeds. She has merged an enormous amount of investigation with a graceful belletristic tone, ferreting out the subject’s contradictions and complexities. It’s a beautiful job.”
Phillip Lopate

“…lively narrative, detailed description, and engaging scenes that render her subjects—a schoolteacher, fishermen, activists–three-dimensional.”
Publishers Weekly

“Call’s graceful movement between cultures demonstrates her considerable skills as a writer, and especially as a translator. For indeed she has a translator’s ear…. Wendy Call’s book is at once a portrait and a piece of that resistance, and a warning to the rest of the citizens of our global village.”
The Iowa Review

“We should be grateful for Wendy Call’s delightful, yet painfully truthful, story of the challenges facing one of Mexico’s lesser-known regions.”
Orion Magazine

“The book is full of color and life. When necessary, Call gives us numbers, quantities, and economic analysis. But…the book is simple, enlightening, and sensitizing. The economic discourse suggested by the words ‘Global Economy’ in the title is in fact secondary to the real-life stories of the ‘Mexican Village.'”
Foreign Policy in Focus

“Call, who worked for Grassroots International many years ago, embeds herself in the communities as the Trans-Isthmus Megaproject lurches toward the beaches, estuaries, and forests where they live. Yet this is no dismal read. True, the villagers seem to face insurmountable odds. But as economic and political forces encircle them, they are alive to their changing circumstances and are far from conceding defeat . . . In Call’s patient telling, the character of the indigenous villagers slowly reveals itself against this backdrop of upheaval and loss.”
Monday Developments

“The rapid prominence of a global economy does not come without its struggles…. A deep study of the effects of this rapid change, No Word for Welcome is an excellent study of these factors that are affecting smaller communities all around the world.”
Midwest Book Review

“Call’s new book, No Word for Welcome: The Mexican Village Faces the Global Economy, is the result of a decade of research. No Word For Welcome is written with an attention to narrative and prose that is rare among non-fiction works. It is not only highly informative, but also engaging and personal. …[t]he people of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec have much to teach us about the human side of globalization.”
Hamid Khan, KPFK, Los Angeles